Our commitment to our customers is to deliver safe, healthy and pure water in every bottle we produce. To achieve this we operate a stringent quality control regime.

Here at Cairns Natural Spring Water, we take two very important steps to ensure removal of physical and bacterial contamination before filling our bottles:

  • Filtration of water
  • Sterilisation of all bottles and bottling equipment.

Firstly, the water is drawn up from the aquifer in a network of sealed pipes, meaning it does not see the light of day until it is in a capped and sealed bottle. Our state-of-the-art filters remove bacteria and endotoxins to a 0.2 micron absolute rating. 

The next step is ultraviolet sterilisation to remove any residual bacteria and viruses, making sure our bottles are completely clean and ready for use. We use only the best filter cartridges and fittings and some of the most popular and dependable bottling systems available, ensuring comprehensive wash and sterilisation and automatic washing, filling and capping.

We are regularly inspected by the Queensland Department of Health to ensure we remain fully compliant with the highest standards that we ourselves and our customers have come to expect of us. Similar inspections are made to ensure our continuing compliance with Workplace Health & Safety legislation.