Cool/cold chillers or hot/cold chillers are available for rental or sale. Our chillers require only a power point to operate.

Chiller Rental Pricing Options
$110.00 per year                (incl GST)
$99.00 rental for 6 months (incl GST)
$22.00 rental per month     (incl GST)

Chiller Purchase Pricing Options
New cool/cold $418.00   (incl GST)
New hot/cold $473.00     (incl GST)
(Hot/cold chillers supply water hot enough for teas/coffees)

Bottled Water Options for Chillers
15litre bottles of spring water $12.50 per bottle
(incl free delivery within Cairns/Port Douglas region)

***Please note that our chiller rental option is only available for those customers who will use bottled spring water for Chillers.

Optional Extras
Carton of 1000 paper cups $48.84 (incl GST)
(Cup holders on rental chillers will be provided free of charge)

24 x 600ml bottles of spring water $16.80
(inc free delivery within Cairns/Port Douglas region)

12 x 1.5litre bottles of spring water $15.50
(inc free delivery within Cairns / Port Douglas region)

Did you know we also have the ability to do private labelled bottled spring water? Further information or a quotation is available on request.
***Please be advised that our 600ml bottles and our 1.5L bottles are included in the Queensland Container Refund Scheme and empty bottles will be eligible for a 10c per bottle refund from 1st November 2018.

If you would like to set up an account with us, please follow the link provided to utilise our online order form! 
Online Order Form
Once you become an account holder with us, we will be in contact to put you on a fortnightly delivery schedule suitable to you. Our driver will usually replace any empty bottles that you have, unless you have provided him with other instructions.

Our natural spring water is bottled directly at the source!
Cairns Natural Spring Water is a locally owned and operated business based in Woree. Our address is 52-56 Links Drive Woree. Please feel free to pop in and see our bottling plant and taste a sample of our spring water. We have built our factory around the spring. We operate our fully self-contained bottling plant on solar power. We produce our own 100% recyclable PET bottles, all done on site, minimising our transport carbon footprint, and our drivers delivers in his Hybrid truck. We are as green as possible.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on 4033 2454.
Online Order Form